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Written by: nathang
1/17/2009 10:45 PM

I just finished speaking at the Gospel Crusade Ministerial Fellowship (G.C.M.F) convocation.

This is a group of ministers from all over the world.

Established as a missions organization in 1953 by retired Mennonite businessman, Henry Brunk, Gospel Crusade Inc. has made disciples and established churches in many nations including Haiti, Honduras, Philippines, Israel, and others.

In 1965, Pastor/Evangelist Gerald Derstine was appointed as President of Gospel Crusade Inc. Under his leadership, God provided the ministry with 110 acres of land in Bradenton, Florida which was developed into the ministry headquarters and a year round conference/vacation center known as Christian Retreat.

Seeing a need for more fellowship among "Full Gospel" pastors whose denominations were not ready to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Gerald Derstine founded Gospel Crusade Ministerial Fellowship. The Fellowship issues ministerial credentials to qualified men & women actively involved in the ministry of the Gospel. Regular opportunities are provided for members to receive encouragement, prayer and ministry as well as practical help in fulfilling God's calling upon their lives. The Fellowship has grown to over 1500 active members representing the United States, Canada, and 24 other nations.

I carry my license with this group and I believe in their mission. They fill a niche no other group does. If you feel a call to ministry go to G.C.M.F. and check them out. Working with your pastor they can help you get the papers that you need to get into Jails, prisons, hospitals, ect.

They also have a good 12 week school in Florida and Minnesota to help you understand gods call on your life.

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